The proposal usually prepared following a call for tenders. An important step for many companies must be done with great care.

Many companies will already have a pre-analysis process, a Go / NoGo. In this process, we will determine if we want to move forward. Different criteria specific to the company will be used to decide.

It is in this part of the process, an evaluation of the alignment of the proposed project with the strategy of the company will be evaluated. This preliminary analysis will make a choice. Remember that it is expensive to bid, and that the human resources of the company are not unlimited.

The elements to be evaluated are numerous, many criteria can be specific to the company. They will be influenced by the area of ​​business, the size of the company, growth objectives, risk tolerance for example.

A number of reviews analyzes are often performed. I provide you with some ideas that could align you.

• In the case of a project in a foreign country, one will want to evaluate the political and economic stability, especially for a first project in the country.

• The call for tenders is made by a current customer or a new customer for the company. The risks are different, as well as the potential benefits.

• What will be the language of the communications, if not ours, do we have people internally or will we have to hire new people.

• The scope of the project, do we have the experience.

• What are the benefits of doing this project for the company, developing a new market segment in line with the strategic plan?

We will probably want to have a preliminary assessment of the chances of winning the call for tenders. The other main bidders, who are they?

Following this analysis, we will decide on a Go / NoGo to bid.