Adresse Symphonique

Project Management Team / Risk Management

Fast-track design-build of a 2,100-seat concert hall. The auditorium is equipped with sophisticated stage systems for the performance of acoustical or amplified concerts. Build to be M1 in external sound isolation. 256 M $CA/ 22,000 m²

Adresse Symphonique


Shriners Hospital, Montréal

Project Management Team / Risk Mangement

The Shriners hospital will have eight stories, and be linked to the new Montreal Children’s Hospital located at the McGill University Health Centre’s Glen site, allowing the two facilities to share services. 120 M $CA /218,181 sq ft.

Shriners site


Project Management Team/ Risk Management

The MUHC is a hospital complex that will bring together the Royal Victoria Hospital, the Montreal Children’s Hospital, the Montreal Chest Institute, the Cancer Centre and the MUHC Research Institute.  1,343 M $CA

CUSM site

Sainte-Justine University Hospital Center

Project Management Team/ Risk Management

The Sainte-Justine UHC modernization project consists if expanding the existing facility by constructing a building for specialized units (SUB) as well as a new research centre. 450 M $CA / 127,840 sq M.

Ste-Justine Hospital web site

Hospital Restigouche agrandissement

Équipe de gestion de Projet/ Gestion des risques


Restigouche Hospital extension

Project Management Team/ Risk Management