Call for tenders

qtq80-75OIUl It is known during tenders the contract is always awarded to the lowest bidder. This explains the poor quality of the work. In fact, the poor quality of work is rather explicable by two factors controlled by the organization that makes the tenders and not the winning bidder. The call for tenders is the time to clearly define what is required. In a call for tenders, some elements that constitute the call for tenders are clear. Other elements are forgotten or neglected. First of all, are there requirements to be able to bid? It is possible to ask the bidders to qualify. It is up to you to determine the criteria of the call for tenders. For example, you can request financial statements, which is often not appreciated by bidders. It is information that will allow you to confirm that the bidders have the means to carry out your project. It is often requested to demonstrate the realization of similar project and customer references that you will be able to contact. You must take the necessary time. Maybe your organization has a record of satisfaction of subcontractors and past projects. According to the information in this register, you could require a level of satisfaction, a history of work done. Analyze compliance with the contractual deadline. Obviously, some bidders may not have completed a mandate for your organization. Here you probably do not want to exclude them, make sure you have a reasonable number of bidders, open the door to new ones perhaps smaller. Technical documents must be clear and complete. Regardless of the type of construction, IT or another type, this is what will be used to evaluate the proposal. It is also what will be used to evaluate the quality of what is provided to you. Standards and laws must be respected, it is important to identify them. Your organization requires the respect or respect of certain procedures, you need to identify them well. You have a planning of the execution needs, add it. In the case of a construction project, for example, is it desirable for the work to begin at a specific time? This is engineering, which will serve you for a subsequent call for tenders, take into account your internal deadlines. For works on public roads, how long will be acceptable between the start of work and the reopening of infrastructure, we all hate to see open roads with no works for days, weeks or more.

The legal and financial aspects must be identified. (To be continued)